Nominated for the Liebster Award!

It feels like only yesterday I was weeping happy tears for being mentioned in Michele’s blog, and here we are now – NOMINATED FOR THE LIEBSTER AWARD!!! When I first saw people on Twitter announcing their nominations, I thought this was like the Oscars of blogging. I gazed longingly at the logo and dreamt that maybe one day I would too climb my blogging Everest.


Little did I know, the sun rose on that day earlier than expected. And it all started with Ellen’s message…

Ellen has an amazing blog guys! She writes in such a heart-warming way, you can’t help but love her! If you’re into travelling, discovering, dogs, creative writing, books and finding best-online-friends – CLICK ON ANY OF THESE WORDS FOR A SURPRISE POST!!!


Here are the 11 questions she asked me!

  1. What was your favourite childhood film?

I had MANY. Having grown up in Lithuania, I never watched the ‘typical’ childhood films like Disney or idk things like Tracy Beaker. We had, what I can now retrospectively call, slightly second-rate-Western-TV, but I loooved it all! Sabrina the teenage witch (omg that sassy talking black cat, amirite??), overplayed Shrek, Princess Diaries on every month, but the one I would stop EVERYTHING for was…


2. When was the last time you laughed so much that you cried?

To be honest it was probably at one of my own jokes earlier today! It doesn’t take much.

3. Which 3 famous people would you go for lunch with?

CAROLINE CALLOWAY! She is an Instagram blogger/feminist/inspiration!

I wouldn’t say no to a lunch with Justin Bieber… Belieber at heart…

This one is a bit random but Manolo Vergara! He’s the son of Sofia Vergara (Gloria from Modern Family) and honestly he’s the funniest person I follow online – 100% my kind of humour and would love to be friends!

      4. How did you feel writing your first blog post?

Embarrassed! Kept thinking what my friends would think if they read it!

     5. Have you always been a writer?

I wouldn’t dare call myself a writer haha! But I did have a brief period of pretty impressive song-writing when I was 13, even recorded them on my mum’s Blackberry and everything!

     6. Where is your favourite place to blog? (e.g in bed, at a cafe etc)

At my desk! I’ve recently had my room redone at home and have been loving sitting at my desk and looking out of the window (it’s one of those ones you pull up – old fashioned!). I also love my windowsill! Here’s an authentic low quality pic. I’d love to try it in a coffee shop somewhere, but currently my laptop is a brick of a DELL, so we’ve got limited mobility.


7. What kind of music do you enjoy? Recommend something for your readers to listen to!

DE-SPAAA-CIIIITO i dunno the words so i say dorrito, i dont know the words so i say burrito!

For studying – Schubert is the best classical music composer imo! Tried and tested during exam season. Not too much distracting singing and music isn’t too emotive.

8. Do you have any pets?

I have a British Shorthair cat called Uoga (Berry, in Lithuanian). But if you know anything about me is that I am dreaaaming of a dog!


9. What has been one highlight of your week so far?

Making friends in an otherwise really intense and overwhelming work induction! Some of these girls are just the sort of people I can see being friends forever with!

10.Which book could you read over and over without getting bored?

Arthur: The dog who crossed a jungle to find a home. Quelle surprise – it’s about a dog!

11. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

I would honestly love to spend a bit of time everywhere. However, if money was no object (and so I could afford a decent life in $$$ places) I would love to be based in New York City at this point in my life! I’d love to start my medical career in NYC hospitals which would be so diverse and exciting!!! I’ve never been but I just imagine my life would feel like a film every day?? Can anyone confirm if this is the case??

11 Questions From Me to You:

  1. Describe your perfect day. No detail is too small!
  2. Are you in love? Have you ever been? Share a story/lesson with your readers, whether it’s funny/romantic/heartbreaking </3
  3. What’s your dream holiday?
  4. What song could you listen on repeat at the moment?
  5. What song would you choose, if everyone who chose that song got put on one island and had to live together forever?
  6. How do you feel about your blog? At what point did you start feeling proud/confident of it? Straight away? Or did it take encouragement from others?
  7. Share a joke with your readers!
  8. What meme sums you up the best?
  9. What would you like your name to be if you had to choose a new one?
  10. How are you feeling today?
  11. If you could go on a date with a well known person, who would it be?

Bloggers I would like to tag in this blogging-love-letter-chain are:

Happy blogging!



New Kid On The Blog: What It Feels Like When Somebody Likes Your Post

Hello again!!! A very excited and humbled me here. If you’re reading this, just know that I’ve seen you on my stats page, seen your little flag and have imagined who you might be and what you thought of my posts! You are very wanted here and in my books we’re already friends.


(this is what I look like watching my stats page and making friends)

Today’s post is as spontaneous as they get. Let me tell you a lil’ backstory…

If you are, by any chance, not only my friend but also my stalker, you will know that my first ever post appeared exactly a week ago, on a Wednesday. Since then I wrote a few posts, have been learning a million things a day about blogging and tweeting, such as the timing of your posts is crucial??? Some people follow you, you follow back, then they unfollow you??? But why??? 😥

pet dogs pictures 5

But most importantly, some of the kindest, most generous, supportive people live in the new bloggers section of twitter.


When I got home from work this afternoon, opened my twitter for an absent-minded scroll and saw a couple notifications, I was expecting maybe a few follows by the somehow-verified-turkish-media-news-magazine accounts whom I frequently encounter on the Blog Follow Train. After all – everyone is welcome!

But instead, I found this:


After reading it a few times, I thought oh dear, poor girl, she’s @’ed me by mistake oops much awkward slight embarrass


But then I thought a bit more and decided that this girl is way too cool and her account is too well put-together to make a slip-up like that. IT WAS ABOUT ME! SOMEONE READ MY LITTLE POSTS AND ENJOYED THEM AND IS TELLING THEIR FRIENDS ABOUT THEM!!!



If you also write, you will know how much every interaction means to a blogger/tweeter/person. It’s a very unique way to have a conversation – we do most of the work by putting our thoughts together in an accessible way and fingers crossed hope that someone out there will join in with the conversation and thus complete it. So for somebody you’ve never met to go out of their way to say such nice things about you is the BEST THING you could ever hope for.


A Very Very Warm Thank You, Michele, From Me And Boromir


Thank you for showing me that there are people reading, and some enjoying, these posts! It inspired me to write a real-time reaction to such news and I vow to do the same for other bloggers to spread the love! (and to get the ring to Mordor obvs!)

Michele’s Twitter

Michele’s Blog

Lots of love,




What My Dream Life Looks Like

Although I’ve never been a scrapbook kind of girl, for a while now I’ve been coming up with the key ingredients of what I believe would make me content and excited to live everyday to the full. Aside from the actually important things like health, the happiness of my family and friends and progress in global issues that affect us all, this post is about the ‘wants‘ rather than ‘needs’ of a twenty year old student who’s so far from being able to afford any of it! But let’s dare to dream!


  1. Dog friend

My whole life I’ve known that there’s a four-paw, happy-tail shaped hole in my life. I bought breed encyclopedias, listened to stories of people feeling like they’ve started their life the moment they held their new dog friend in their arms (or at least I imagine that’s what it feels like) and was foolishly bought-off with a cat (wonderful as she is) by my parents 11 years ago, where I lost all claim to getting a new pet. But the dream lived on! To me, having a dog means having a constant positive energy in your life – the innocence and enthusiasm of a small child, with no teenage angst or moving away! Taking regular walks in various places will also get you out of the house every day and you will have more reasons to spend time in nature. I don’t know know about you, but I feel silly going on a walk by myself… where am I going? What’s the goal here? Why am I doing this? A dog answers all those questions. Having said that, we have to be responsible and wait until a truly right time to invite such a friend into our lives. I want my friend to have the best life I can give it! And so I am willing to wait.



2. Own place

I can’t wait to have my own place! At the moment I’m split between my parents‘ house and my uni house, neither of which I feel fully at home at. Most of all, I’m looking forward to the independence that comes with living by yourself. You might think that I’m talking about the freedom to watch Netflix (or putlocker!) all day without being judged, and sure there’ll be that too. But interestingly, I’ve found that I am my most proactive when I’m not being watched by anyone else, so no one can tell me if I’m doing too much, too little, or prioritising correctly.

I’m not sure whether I’d like to live alone or with a roommate! I’ve always imagined living by myself (prior to boyfriend moving in), but will that get lonely? Or will it be nice finding everything as you’ve left it? (I’m a bit of a clean freak). Having a best friend to come home to might be really nice, but I haven’t yet met a person with whom I could spend all of my time with and not need time for myself to recover… I guess it could work if we both had our personal space.



3. An excellent coffee machine

For having friends round and for having that extra motivation to wake up in the morning!


4. Location, location, location

I see myself living in a big city; whether that’s close-to-home London or everyone’s dream city New York, I will always prioritise location! I’d much rather have a box-room with the toilet inside it somewhere in NYC, than a spacious apartment in a place where I’m not excited to leave the house every time. What matters is how you make the most of it! I’ve found that the less stuff you have, the tidier your room will be, so would go for the minimalist vibe, but still make my box-room/studio/apartment my home.





5. Gym membership

Though it’s easy to question whether an expensive membership is worth it when you can just jog outside, I think having a specific place where you know it’s work hard play hard time, will help with being productive with the time you spend on fitness, as well as establish a routine. Also a place to make those friends you’re inviting over for coffee later!

(no pics of ‘gym goals’ because you’re your own fitspiration!)

6. Friends all over the world

Because what’s happiness if you can’t share it? I’d love to make friends with people all over the world so that there will be many places I can call home. And my friends can always come and stay with me! If you’re enjoying this post so far that friend could be you!!! We can walk our dogs together as well omg omg !!!

That’s all fun and games, you might be thinking. But what will I actually be doing when I’m not decorating my amazing apartment or looking effortlessly fabulous at the gym around the corner while I’m setting up a brunch date with all my friends? That is a good question, my friend (that’s right – FRIEND!heart). One, that perhaps deserves a post of its own – about my aspirations as a Cambridge-graduate medic/scientist/world saver in some way, who is kind to everyone and volunteers as a ‘Guide dogs’ puppies trainer (I would literally pay to do that job and apparently it’s a real thing!!!).



The amazing images are from Urban Outfitters Instagram and Pinterest. 🙂

I’d love to know if you share any of my dreams and what yours are!


She Who Must Not Be Named: Struggles Of An Anonymous Blogger

Contrary to what Gossip Girl taught us, a made-up name won’t get you fame.

Hello! I’m autumnskyes and obviously that’s not my real name. I didn’t think it would matter what I’d be called in the blogging world, but as time is passing I’m wondering if us nemos are at a disadvantage and need to work harder to be recognised among all the other fish in the sea. This one’s for you!


Why I choose not to use my name or pictures

  1. Having had a long run of wanting to maximise likes and views on my Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram+stories, I got bored of putting out the content that people want to see of me (naturally edited head-toe photos with a vintage finish and a witty caption seem to be the favourite; add a dog in there and you’ve got another 100!). Not that I’m much of a writer, but I felt like I wanted a place where I don’t need to be sarcastic, or fit into 140 characters to be funny. I was feeling like the honest, genuine part of me was getting lost and this is the best way I know to express it. To strangers with no expectations!
  2. Hiding behind a username is like meeting someone you’ve never heard of for the first time – will people like me for me?
  3. This one’s a bit childish but I’d feel so exposed advertising posts like this on my personal pages, where people would find ways to make something so lighthearted and harmless as a blog feel like the most embarrassing thing in the world! I don’t want to be like that weird guy in our year whose secret FIFA Youtube channel was discovered and ripped to shreds…
  4. Sharing pictures of your life can be an advantage, but when you don’t – who’s to know your life isn’t 1000x more glamorous than it actually is? I could be Dan Humphry for all you know!


All the struggles that it brings

  1. When other bloggers say ‘please follow my Instagram’ and you don’t have one other than your personal one and it gets very confusing – am I a real blogger? Am I still a person? Should I have an insta for my blog with loads of pics of the sky in autumn???
  2. It is NOT clear what to use as your profile pictures. Currently my google search history containts lots of ‘abstract pattern’, ‘pretty flowers’, ‘blogging pics’… will people trust me and my content if I don’t have a face???


3. With the recent rise in vlogging and the obsession with watching other people’s lives online, it’s only natural that the girls with bios giving their name, age, place of birth, national insurance number and dogs’ names will be a more intriguing Follow than someone who’s offering general thoughts, book reviews or discussions. Something that’s become very apparent to me while trying to navigate the small bloggers’ community on twitter is that most of my news feed and messages is people very desperate for the extra follows and likes; rather than offering inviting teasers of their content, or interacting with others’, they’re demanding a follow based on close to nothing. Hiding behind a username and having nothing but content to offer frees me from having to rely so much on my online image and really takes the pressure off when people skip past – it just wasn’t for them!

Having said that, I have massive respect for all the bloggers trying to stand out in such competative times – you’re opening yourselves up to so many people and being so kind to one another at the same time. Real pics or not – you’re all stars!!! (I always loved it when teachers called me that so there you go)


Let me know if you identify with any of the things I’ve mentioned and if there’s anything I’ve missed out! I would love to hear from you 🙂



Putting my Alfie Deyes behind me

The answer to a ‘how old is too old’ question is usually ‘never’, ‘age is just a number’ but I’m starting to wonder if that’s true. Could the slight embarassment I feel when saying ‘oh yeah I watch Alfie’s vlogs as well’ be a sign of something bigger going on?

I’m a twenty year old first aid volunteer and today during a duty I was keeping company to a younger 13 year old girl. It was getting a bit too quiet for my liking so I lead with the 100% success rate question among teenagers – ‘so do you watch any youtubers?’. To no surprise, she named some of the big names; Zoella, Alfie Deyes, Joe Sugg etc. And there I was, feeling uplifted, accepted, almost like I had met a long-lost sister! Finally a conversation that will be effortless to keep up – wasn’t it frustrating when Alfie didn’t upload for two days? Isn’t Nala the cutest? Don’t you love it when Mark is in the vlogs?

It didn’t take long for me to start cringing at my own words; similar to when a boy I fancied was telling me how he liked underground music and I naively enquired whether this was an abandoned metro stop unknown to me where the cool kids were hanging out.

When you think about it, there are so many things separating 13 and 20 year olds – interests, language, experiences, priorities but suddenly we were both equals discussing how it must be strange for Alfie and Poppy to be in the same tight-knit friendship group because who else spends so much time with their adult sibling? I certainly can’t imagine having sleepovers with my brother and his hypothetical girlfriend… can you? She was telling me about meeting Alfie at a book signing and although buying the ‘Pointless books’ is where I draw the line, I was so curious to hear about what he was like!

Theoretically, all of the above may sound ideal – youtubers have created a universal language for people of all ages, uniting us in a community where the only required similarity is a subscription to the same youtube channel. So why oh why do I find being the older person in such a conversation so embarrassing?

Let’s be honest – the content of Pointlessblog is in the name. It’s Much Ado About Nothing, lots of chats, aesthetically pleasing shots of everyday things, and generally positive vibes. There is no doubt it is an attractive channel! But it’s not quite interesting-dinner-party-guest material.

Most twenty year olds will have had a long career of being told to challenge themselves, academically and as individuals. Really this just means learning to sell yourself as interesting. This can sometimes result in snobism at my age – people like to reinforce the one foreign film they’ve seen (we all know it’ll be romcoms next time you’re alone, Susan!), they’ll gush over an indie band they found somewhere and they’ll tell you about how Barthelona is their spirit animal.

So when our secret identities as subscribers have been revealed we panic! We don’t want our hard work in building up an image to go to waste. We don’t want to be perceived on the same level as thirteen year olds. We don’t like the idea of having such common interests.

So is it purely pride that won’t let me freely indulge in this guilty pleasure? (for example I would NEVER allow myself to comment on a video!) And if so, should I just accept that this is what I enjoy and embrace it? Or should I stick to my path of progression and go by the philosophy ‘you are what you read’ in order to become the sophisticated adult I want to be?

I would love to hear what you think!



 and make sure to like, comment and subscribe! (see what I did there)





Did Private School Ruin Me?

Having come back from a holiday in France with my boyfriend, I was catching up with my dad who had come back from holiday in Portugal. I was telling him about the amazing and the not-so-good Air Bnbs I had stayed at, how there was a coffee machine, bookcases of art books and stylish rugs in one, while I was finding slugs nesting in my drying bikini at the other. Overall, I thought I had a plethora of adventures I could share and was feeling very worldly.

He went on to say something along the lines of ‘Lisbon would be a great place for you guys to visit as young people, it’s so cool! Although…perhaps you’re a bit too proper for that sort of scene. People have tattoos and smoke weed there….” implying that I would not fit in!!! The cheek of him!!! But he is not wrong!.. I’m twenty years old and I LOVE Agatha Christie’s Marple+Poirot, I’d rather have a collection of teas than gins and I tried weed once and got nothing out of it other than one amazing joke and uncontrollable hunger (which resulted in uncontrollable spending at the Co-op). I’m always hungry anyway, I do not need any encouragement!

Watching teen series and films as a teenager, you can pretty much place yourself in every imaginable environment. I used to stay up till early hours of the morning watching street dance movies and then listening to the soundtrack while imagining myself busting some impressive moves at school with everyone watching, winning over the heart of the boy I liked and winning at life in general. Perhaps it was because I went to a girls’ school, I didn’t realise you don’t win over boys like that. To be fair, I couldn’t even dance so it wouldn’t have worked anyway.

But it got me thinking, my dad isn’t wrong. Now that I’m suddenly twenty and have a somewhat formed personality, I am nothing like I thought I would be. I always thought of myself as someone who could just leave with a backpack, travel by themselves, go from hostel to hostel making friends and being flexible along the way. The truth is, when I plan trips I will know exactly how much the shuttle bus from the airport into town will cost, I will most likely have a back up plan and I wouldn’t even dream of not booking accomodation in advance. What is my goal otherwise? Where am I going???

Going back to the title of this post – this is my theory. Having gone to private schools since year 7, I can’t help but think it had an influence of my baseline. Let me illustrate: at my schools the year groups were small and a bronze D of E expedition would literally be considered on the same wilderness level as a mission into the jungle. Had I gone to the sixth form college next door, with hundreds more people to interact with, my version of ‘slumming it’ might be taking a backpack, landing in a distant exotic country and having the courage to just see what happens (does anyone actually do that?? How??). I’m by no means saying students there are any different, but just by being exposed to larger numbers of more varied people you can get the skills needed to be a fearless, social traveller. And then there’s me, who thought the second Air Bnb was ‘slumming it’ because it was a tiny studio, not that well upkept and God forbid we had to buy our own towels!!! Do you see what I mean?

So I’m left wondering, are all my adventures going to be planned now? Will I truly ever have an adventure? How do you force yourself out of your comfort zone?

Always slightly over the top,



A Scientist’s Sacrifice And Why I Need This Blog

  1. Can a 2nd year Medical Sciences student call themselves a scientist yet?
  2. Can a 2nd year Medical Sciences student compose anything other than a lab report?#askingtherealquestions

Ever since making some solid insights into British war poetry, classic American literature, and transcripts of ‘The Apprentice’, I’ve fancied myself a bit of a professional in all things English GCSE. I really enjoyed the humanities; the way History can be interpreted so differently depending on which education system teaches you, the way Religious Studies challenge you to empathise with beliefs that are completely unfamiliar, and how no two answers will be the same in English Literature. NATURALLY, I chose to do science A levels.


And here we are, 2 years into my degree and many years since an essay I have enjoyed writing, I am left wondering: do non-referencable, original opinions still exist or were they always a myth? (autumnskyes et al. 2017) Is there any point formulating a thought if you can’t be awarded moderatable marks for it? Can I still write???

And so by starting this blog, I hope to challenge myself to write about anything and everything, adhering to the document structure of NOTHING, using the referencing style of NO WHERE, because I feel that by reading, writing and thinking like a scientist it is possible to forget to leave room for daydreaming, undocumented thought, and comparing one’s expectation’s of life to a steak (a real comparison essay written by 14 year old me).

You know you love me,

xoxo Gossip Girl